You may look at the name in the headline of this week's column and wonder when Chuck Dixon ever had the time to draw any comics at all, considering his productive and impressive career as a freelancer in the mainstream comics biz.

What regularly makes me want to visit Dixon's Words of Iron blog (besides his love for classic war comics) from time to time is the more than generous spotlight he shines on the artists with whom he collaborates, and, lately, some unpublished gems.

Take, for example, 10 pages of Geneva of the Jungle, a never-seen-before project for CrossGen as illustrated by Sergio Cariello, the very talented and popular artist on the wonderful Lone Ranger series published by Dynamite.

Or, posting very intricate thumbnails from Brian Stelfreeze for Dixon's planned swan song on Detective Comics that never happened for a Man-Bat/Arkham Asylum story...

Just to prove good guys and creators do prevail every so often, earlier this week, Dixon announced his return to the Bat as the new writer on Batman and the Outsiders, with some very cool art by Julian Lopez.