Halloween is just around the corner, and here at ComicsAlliance, and one of the best parts of the month is gearing up for a night of costumes! It’s the one time of year when even people like me who could never cut it in our Best Cosplay Ever feature can drop by the local department store and walk out with the ability to dress up as our favorite characters.

But is that really a good thing? I have my doubts, which is why I’m spending every day taking on the store-bought costumes inspired by our favorite things. Today, we’re taking our second look at costumes based on Star Wars! Surprising no one, there’s enough goofy nonsense here for days and days.

Option 1: Jabba the Hutt





Look, I gotta be honest with you: If someone suggested a groupStar Wars costume and you ended up with this thing, you may want to go ahead and just find a new group of friends. Even the dude they stuck playing Porkins is going to be getting off easy compared to you. Just... move, I guess. Change your name. Start a new life far away from the people that would do this to you.

But you know, maybe I'm just being judgmental. Maybe you want to walk around all night wearing a sleeping bag and occasionally getting choked out by women in metal slave bikinis. I don't judge.*

*: NOTE: Literally all I do is judge.


Option 2: Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker




Well. I certainly could've lived a long and happy life without ever needing to see a plastic version of Hayden Christensen's sex face, but I guess that's no longer possible.


Option 3: Deluxe Chewbacca Mask




Speaking of horrifying faces, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that there were a significant number of people in this world who would refer to this as the last thing they saw before they were stabbed.


Option 4: Savage Opress




I don't really have a joke for this one, I just wanted to point out that "Dash Rendar" and "Cad Bane" are no longer the dumbest names in the Star Wars franchise / the entire history of the world. Also please note that this is the adult Savage Opress costume.

For adults.

Who want to be Savage Opress for Halloween.


Option 5: Second Skin Boba Fett




I've talked a lot of smack about Star Wars and its merchandising juggernaut over the past couple of days, but I will say that if you get this costume and stand behind people until they notice you're there, and then just whisper "i was in the ssssssarlaaaac pit," you will have successfully worn the creepiest Halloween costume of all time.