Not content to merely star in The Avengers, its multiple connected Marvel movies and the upcoming SHIELD TV series on ABC, actor Clark Gregg has Tweeted that "And now this aging fanboy can die happy..." with Agent Phil Coulson finally receiving an action figure from the scary-accurate Hot Toys. Though his character is arguably the most beloved fixture in The Avengers multimedia empire, Gregg's likeness has been skipped over by Hasbro and most other toy licensees due to Coulson, well, more or less being a dude in a suit rather than, say, a god with a hammer and cape (although he did get a Minimate in the Thor movie line). Toyeticism, man! Hot Toys began teasing an Agent Coulson release over the summer amid the flurry of toy reveals for essentially the entire rest of The Avengers movie lineup, but these are the first official images of the full figure. Full solicitation info hasn't surfaced yet, but if it's anything like the rest of the HT Avengers figures, its release date is likely later in 2013 with a price tag in the $200 range. You can see an accessory-packed press photos of the Agent Coulson Hot Toys figure after the cut.

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