I think we can all agree that if there was a major flaw in this year's Avengers movie, it was that the characters were not Sailor Scouts. Fortunately, we live in an era where such grievous oversights can be corrected. In this case, it comes courtesy of artist Ann Marcellino, who gave the Earth's Mightiest Heroes a new look by mashing up the Avengers and Loki with Sailor Moon!

Check out the full gallery after the cut!First up is Marcellino's take on Sailor Captain America, who was presumably given the Super Soldier Serum by a talking cat, and who will punish you in the name of the good ol' U.S. of A.:

The Sailor Mars-esque version of Iron Man adds a touch of armor to the dress, making sure that her navel is well-protected from any attacks:

Sailor Thor is almost as pretty as Chris Hemsworth:

Sailor Hulk is by far my favorite of Marcellino's designs, if only because of my pre-existing love of Hulk Hands and the cracked jewel in her bow:

According to Marcellino, "Sailor Black Widow had to bedazzle her gun before joining the Sailor Avengers."

Sailor Hawkeye is almost as bewildered at being in this group as I was when Hawkeye showed up in the movie:

The villain of the piece, Sailor Loki, who is definitely not above using a radio show for the lovelorn or an evil theme park to steal energy for her own nefarious ends:

And finally, a shot of the entire gang (click for the full-sized version):

The group shot is available as a print, and for more incredible art, keep an eye on Marcellino's Tumblr!

[Via io9]

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