As impressive as Hot Toys' take on The Dark Knight's Tumbler is, raging fan nostalgia may make Batfans covet the toy manufacturer's new 1/6 scale Batman 1989 Batmobile even more. Measuring about 39" long, this replica of Batman's ride sports working lights, seating for two and miraculously non-lethal machine guns. It even comes with crazy collapsible armor, batdiscs and a grappling hook. Provided you were able to shell out for Hot Toys' recently-released Batman and Joker '89 movie figures, the roughly $580-630ish price tag on this collectible may not make you wince in agony (much). If you're thrifty, you may be able to scrounge enough scratch to spring for one in the second quarter of 2013. Take a look at product images of the Batman 1989 Batmobile from Hot Toys to see what you think after the jump.

[Via Hot Toys]

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