WB Games Montreal

Batman: Arkham Origins fans are going to want to prepare to mythically use a full 90% of their brains. WB Games Montreal has announced a new Deathstroke challenge pack, which puts players in control of DC's top terminator Slade Wilson in exclusive challenge maps, including the newly revealed "100-to-1" gameplay mode (kind of like an endless mode... with an end). Deathstroke will also come sharp dressed with three optional skins, including his Injustice: Gods Among Us suit, plus his classic and New 52 DC Comics costumes.

Looking at the gameplay, it's a little strange to see Deathstroke pummel adversaries with nothing more than a staff, which is kinda Robin's M.O. After all, lethal weapons like blades and guns are what put the "death" in Deathstroke. Maybe the mercenary just isn't getting paid enough to deal with bloodshed on any targets other than Batman?

The pack is set to be included as a preorder bonus, meaning fans who want the Deathstroke experience will need to buy Batman: Arkham Origins before it arrives on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC on October 25.