I've found that one of the most remarkable things about Web 2.0 is how it has opened up a whole new avenue for re-exploring the classics--by letting us make our own mark on them. As far as comics go, this could mean anything from rewriting the dialogue in Lichtenstein's "The Great Divorce" to making certain subtleties in Watchmen--*cough* Dr.Manhattanlooksalittlegaywalkingaroundnakedallthetime *cough*--a bit more apparent.Roy Lichtenstein's

Well, sharpen your pencils and get ready to make your mark, because yesterday while I was perusing Warren Ellis' blog The Engine, I happened to see a series of duplicate photographs of an obviously distraught Batman seated at a table in front of a blank sheet of paper and a soon-to-be loaded gun. These weren't just Ellis' usual calls for favorite frames--I came to realize these images were none other than our poor Caped Crusader's many, many cries for help. See after the jump, no pun intended...
Edited Batman frame

Now, Bruce Wayne is dark, no doubts. But did the original frame really depict Batman writing a suicide note? Acutally, yes. Here's the original:

Original Batman frame

This meme appears to be the work of Sotweed22, a flickr-er with a penchant for comic-2.0ing and a slightly twisted sense of humor. But then again, I'm blogging about it and I think they're hilarious, so I guess I'm a bit twisted too. Personal favorites of mine include "Dear Chris Nolan, You ruined my f______ life! I hope you're happy... " as well as "All work and no play make Batman a dull boy." There's even a couple very interesting sketches, and if I were to mention Robin's involvement I probably wouldn't have to describe them in any further detail.

Well bravo, Web 2.0. You've given us yet another useless distraction to wile away the hours others pay us not to do any work. And just to show that I'm on board (and if I had any computer skills I really would be), here's my contribution to the project: "Unlike my habit of dressing like a bat, this really is a desperate plea for attention..."

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