Captcha codes lead a pretty thankless existence. For all of their hard work keeping bots at bay on Craigslist, it's all too easy to look down on the incoherent gateways based on their capacity to annoy. The CAPTCHArt Tumblr takes a different view, however, harnessing the random wiggly codes' deeper meanings for hilarious user-submitted comics and bringing heart to a robotic process.

The Tumblr taps the power of user-submitted and original content, bringing a humorous voice to the satirical potential captchas have (as originally brainstormed by BuzzFeed) inspired for so long. Some content works as part of a sequential narrative, while other cartoons take more of a done-in-one caption gag approach. A few of the gags even find new ways of framing tried and true memes, casting new light on Sad Keanu and other concepts with renewed hilarity. It's not just captcha entertainment. It's wiggly redemption.

See a selection of the captcha cartoonery after the jump.

[Via Urlesque]

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