San Diego's Comic-Con International 2012 is behind us, but we'll always have the memories. Those and the surplus of posts we'll continue to roll out this week. But mostly the memories, captured in photographic form by ComicsAlliance contributors and friends. The bulk of our experience is what you read and see in the SDCC 2012 articles and videos, but this is a little look behind-the-scenes that we hope you'll enjoy.

San Diego's Gaslamp District as seen from the upper floor of the convention center

Wonder Girls limbo'ing with the magic lasso: brilliant

Gotham City Tacos. They were pretty good, yeah.

Bethany and her running crew causing mischief the middle of the night in a hotel lobby somewhere

Bulk and Skull and Caleb

War Rocket Ajax Hundo Clubber Dave Conde brought a vintage Thrasher magazine to the con in hopes that he'd run into Chris Sims and he could sign it. Sims did, with "RIP IT HARD!"

Jem is excitement

Jenn from Just Jenn designs with her Hulk cookies (green tea and chocolate), which were delicious

Khouri Rises... with a huge bag

Bethany with Kirby Krackle

Andy Khouri, Joe Hughes and Dylan Todd at a serious business dinner

Caleb Gollner, David Uzumeri and Andrew Wheeler at the same dinner (Bethany had better things to do)

Regular Show creator JG Quintel and Sims

Bethany and Ali Kay with Batmobile '66 designer George Barris

Dylan and La Bamba from Conan O'Brien's show

Not everyone was a Brony at the Hasbro booth

Dylan Todd isn't a man, he's a system

Andy with Rich Johnston, Heidi MacDonald, Tom Spurgeon and moderator Douglas Wolk at the Bleeding Alliance of Beat Reporters panel

Bethany and her posse of bros

Massive Cartoon Network mural (see dude's hand for scale)

Dylan and Fantagraphics' Jen Vaughn

This girl was cosplaying as Bethany's infamous Snorlax dress.

Chris Sims and the Internet

Ali Kay and Bethany, serving Venture Bros. REALNESS

Twin Bee's Juli Abene in stylish Adventure Time-inspired fashions

Stephanie Brown Spoiler/Gandalf mashup -- non-canonical


Bethany and a Stan Lee cosplayer, possibly related to Stan Lee

DC Comics & Marvel iPhone cases

Whoever holds this hammer if he be worthy shall possess the power of COMIC SANS.

Ali and Bethany mix it up in X-Men cosplay

Typically subdued scene from the Wired Cafe

Clever Game of Thrones graffiti in the Omni elevators

The greatest Power Ranger of all time

More quiet, totally sober people at the Wired Cafe

ComicsAlliance's Caleb Goellner, Chris Sims, Andy Khouri, Bethany Fong (those are her "work clothes") and Joe Hughes

Supply run for ComicsAlliance's San Diego HQ (aka the Khondo)

"Romulan Ale" mixed by friend-o-CA Jon Sung - no we don't know what's in it

F***ing terrifying

Joe submits to Jabba

Wheeler submits to Jabba

Khouri submits to Jabba

Khouri, Joe and Caleb at DC Entertainment's "We Can Be Heroes" event

The Khourt of Owls


MAC cosmetics fans lining up for Archie/MAC swag


Andy Yen meets history's greatest hero

Jim Lee drawing demo

Blissfully cliche convention center escalator shot

The line outside Hall H aka the Trail of Beers

Chris Sims takes his enemy's head, and with it his power

The only known photograph of David Uzumeri

All photos by Bethany Fong (bettyfelon on Instagram), Joe Hatton (everyshow on Instagram) Joseph Hughes, Ali Kay (gutsinside on Instagram), Andy Khouri (andykhouri on Instagram), Chris Sims, Dylan Todd (bigredrobot on Instagram), Caleb Goellner (mondegreenranger on Instagram) and Andy Yen (renowned on Instagram) for ComicsAlliance.

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