Movies: If you thought Bane's The Dark Knight Rises design was a departure from his comic book look, concept art from Behind the Scenes with Batman: The Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy is proof that Tom Hardy's costume could have been even more different. [CBM]

TV: Four Power Rangers Megaforce cast members have been announced, with just the black and silver rangers remaining. [JEFusion]

Crowdfunding: Steve Rude has a new indiegogo page seeking funding for a full-color 2012 Sketchbook. Fans can get a copy of the book itself at the $25 level. [Robot 6]

Manga: Vertical has announced that it will print an English version of the Gundam: The Origin manga by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko in the form of $30 hardcovers packing 400-500 pages each. Release will be quarterly starting starting in March. [Crunchyroll]

Animation: Derek Kwok and Henri Wong bring Hot Toys' Batman figures to life in the stop-motion animated Batman: Dark Knightfall teaser. [Hot Toys]

Video: Robert Gilpin details his Comic-Con experience using 825 still photos. [Kotaku]

Gifs: Get down with the Bat family. Just do it. [Tumblr]

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