After a few months of hype, Hot Toys has finally revealed its Avengers: Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch figure, and it sure does look like a keeper. Beyond robots, this is the first new character figure we've seen in full from Hot Toys based on the never-ending series Age of Ultron collectibles. Her inclusion here also makes this the first Marvel movie figure line from Hot Toys to include multiple female figures. Yes, I'm still salty we never got an armored Pepper Potts from Iron Man 3, but we could get 99 other Iron Man armors. But I digress.

Scarlet Witch joins the increasing roster of Avengers figures produced by the Hong Kong-based company, though we're still waiting for her brother, Quicksilver, and Thor to join the party. The figure is based on her appearance in 95% of the film, where she donned mostly street clothes, and not the uniform we saw her get during the very last moments of Age of Ultron. Normally, plainclothes figures don't really do it for me; I like the spectacle of the superhero costume. However, the rest of this figure is so nice, I'm ready to make an exception.

The likeness in the portrait is as spot-on as we've seen from Hot Toys. Sometimes the face just isn't 100% from all angles, but the range of images provided bring the most talented Olsen quadruplet Elizabeth Olsen to life quite well. Interestingly, the figure will feature real hair, which is something Hot Toys has been doing for its female figures in the Marvel line as of late. What's slightly different from the Black Widow figures of old is the inclusion of a bit of sculpted hair by Witch's ears. It almost makes it look as if she's got a bit of an undercut going on, but without seeing the back of the head, it's hard to say for sure.

Also, take note, as there's absolutely no way the figure you take out of the box will have hair as movie accurate as this figure. It'll take a little working over to get it right. The recently released Gamora had a bit of an issue with her hair styling looking remotely decent, as have the previous Widow figures. The Winter Soldier Black Widow was a different story though, as her straight cut is rather easy to maintain.

The Scarlet Witch will come with newly developed translucent red hands, to hint that shes powered up. The magic hands out number the standard hands in this package, and should allow you to create some cool spell-casting poses. There are also two magic essence accessories to further the illusion that anyone actually knows exactly what Scarlet Witch's powers actually are at any given time. Additionally, she'll have some jewelery, which during the movie I mistakenly believed were ear buds (guess not), and the heart of Ultron. Guess she'll have to capture Vision's heart in another movie. These are the jokes.

No pricing or release date has been shared as of yet, but you can likely expect Scarlet Witch to arrive in early 2016 for about $220. We'll update this post when more details are available from Sideshow Collectibles.

UPDATE: Scarlet Witch is now available for pre-order for $229.99, and is expected to arrive between December 2015 and February 2016.

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