You know who is the most serious hero in the Avengers? It's Thor. You know how I know this? It's because his Hot Toys figure has a face sculpt that's so "srs bsns" it looks like he's trying really, really hard to not crap his Asgardian britches. Typically, I really like Hot Toys' sculpts. There are a few here and there that don't really match up 100% (Chris Pratt Star-Lord and pre-Winter Soldier Scarlett Johansson Black Widows), but the sculptors there haven't missed on a Chris Hemsworth Thor yet. Technically, this does look like Chris, it's just that I'm not so sure anyone wants a version of Thor that looks like he just got done watching Zoolander.

It's a shame,too, since the Thor: The Dark World version was really sharp. This Avengers: Age of Ultron figure takes plenty of inspiration from the previous iteration, though the head sculpt is all new. The armor and cape are fairly close to the last figure, with some minor variation to differentiate it just enough. This Thor will also come with multiple Mjolnirs, including the standard metal version and a new LED light-up version. There's also a little lightning effect add-on to include for that added bit of Mjolnir realism.

Hot Toys is also trying something a bit different with this Thor figure, and will be releasing an augmented reality app for iOS and Android that interacts with the piece. When you have the app open, you can snap pictures of Thor with a 3D recreation of a host of Ultron sentries attacking him. It's a little weird, but also potentially interesting if Hot Toys is merely using this as a test, and will have bigger and better AR experiences for figures down the line. Given how many collectors now show off their collections on Instagram and other social channels, it does a add some flair beyond the lighting in a display cabinet, too.

There's no release date or price yet, but the Thor: The Dark World Thor figure retailed for $229.99, so it's likely this one will follow suit. We'll update when Sideshow Collectibles has more details available.

UPDATE: Pre-orders are now open. Thor will set you back $219.99, and will be available between Dec. 2015-Feb. 2016.

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