Though Hot Toys' The Dark Knight Rises Batman and Bane have been parading around in product images in all their 1/6 scale glory for weeks now, it's taken the toymaker until today to unveil its closest look at Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman (although she's been seen riding HT's Batpod at toy shows a few times from a distance). Maybe press photos got delayed because she's the only one in the crew without a voice people love to impersonate as obnoxiously as possible? Or maybe it took a bit longer to sculpt those crazy cat ear-lookin' goggles she wears? Whatever the case, this super detailed figure seems like it'll be worth the wait for Catwoman fans seeking a hyper-articulated figure with a spot-on Anne Hathaway likeness packed with alternate hands and a pistol. Sadly, this figure seems to be missing a thumb drive accessory containing CleanSlate.EXE, but what can you do? The roughly $180-200 figure won't drop until the first quarter of 2013, but you can take a look at all of HT's press photos for its 1/6th scale Selina Kyle/ Catwoman collectible figure after the cut.

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