Hot Toys has assembled the latest addition to its growing line based on The Avengers film with a 1/6 scale Hawkeye bearing the so-accurate-it's-almost-creepy likeness of actor Jeremy Renner. Set for a second or third quarter release this year, the figure will stand around 30 cm tall, sport about 30 points of articulation and come decked out in all of the character's combat gear (including sweet, removable shades!). Though it's standard for HT to include multiple hands with its 1/6 scale figures, Hawkeye's collection of 6 interchangeable palms and several swappable figure tabs is especially cool considering the character's unique archery pose needs. After all, with one quiver, two bows, 16 arrows and 11 arrowheads, fans who get their hands on this figure are going to want options when it comes to creating their favorite configurations. Check out Hot Toys' prototype photos of The Avengers movie Hawkeye figure after the jump.

[Via Hot Toys]