One of the dominant forces behind bringing the mobile comics on the iPhone and other devices, iVerse Media, LLC announced today that its line of applications have topped one million downloads.

"We're very excited to has passed this milestone" said iVerse Media CEO Michael Murphey in an official press release. "Obviously it would have been impossible without the amazing content partners that we have, and it clearly shows that there is a massive audience for digital comics on mobile devices."

As a mobile comics distributor, iVerse acts as a pathway to comics through electronic devices. The company's partnerships with IDW, Image Comics, Boom! Studios and others have translated into many new titles being released since the company's launch less than a year ago.

The announcement comes just a few weeks before iTunes 3.0 hits the market, a move the company says will change the way comics are stored on mobile devices.

Prior to iTunes 3.0, comics were sold primarily as individual applications, with single issues stored apart from one another.

iVerse's upcoming "iVerse Comics" application will consolidate issues and store them within one app - a system currently being used by Comixology's "Comics" app among others.

Fans who have already downloaded iVerse's comic apps will also be able to upgrade their existing comics into the new interface for free.

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