Back when I was working at a comic book store, one of our favorite lunch break timewasters was trying to come up with the most improbable-yet-awesome Justice League lineup that we could. We'd throw our favorite characters in there, from OMAC to John Constantine, with friendly arguments over which one would work better, but we never once thought it was something that would ever actually happen.

This week, DC released a "Sneak Peek" preview of Jeff Parker, Travel Foreman and Jeromy Cox's Justice League United, kicking off after the events of Convergence, and, well, it's happening. OMAC and John Constantine are on the Justice League together, and they're not alone. They're bringing in everyone. EVERYONE.


Justice League United Sneak Peek


From what I can tell from the preview, the premise is that the events of Convergence have left a series of anomalies that threaten the existence of reality itself, so the League is recruiting everyone to form smaller teams of specialists to deal with them as they arise.

And really, it's an idea that feels like it's a long time coming --- Cartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited worked with a similar premise that resulted in some great showcases for lesser-known characters and combinations that made for incredibly entertaining stories. And if the roster we've got here is any indication --- covering everybody from Stargirl to Blue Devil to the entire Marvel Family to Deathstroke the Terminator, who will hopefully be coping with life with tiny little baby hands --- that's exactly the kind of all-out adventure Parker and Foreman have in mind.

The preview is available for free over on Comixology (longtime readers may recognize former CA editor Andy Khouri's name in the credits), so if you're curious about seeing the full roster of heroes and villains before the book hits as part of DC's "Divergence," here's your chance.

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