You can't teach the rad breed of energy that crackles in the smiles and high fives of Jordan Witt's work. Aside from making a full comic strip about the time she met ComicsAlliance's own Chris Sims, she's also depicted hand-spanking between characters from Doctor Who and Superman, Ben 10 and Batman Beyond.
Witt, whose style you can witness in action on her deviantART account, uses simple palettes and textures for an almost paper-cutout kind of look. Her drawing, meanwhile, keeps a basic approach as well, focusing on smiles and poses. The results look a little like Jeph Jacques' work over on Questionable Content (with flashier costumes added).

Her dot-eyed Link knows how to have fun, too, and anyone who's ever contemplated the winged light-orbs called fairies in the Zelda games understand exactly what that picture is all about. Have a look at all the action and good times below.

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