Being the cultural misanthropes that we are, that we'd never have occasion to follow the Great Media Magnet and write about Kanye West on our comics blog was something we contemplated with immense pride. But comic book fans are a tricky and creative lot, and the creators of the compelling Kanye + Comics blog have dragged us kicking and screaming into firing range of the Louis Vuitton Don's fierce Googlebating.

Whatever you think about Kanye West as a human being, you have to admit the man has a way with words. It's not necessarily a good way, but it is a memorable way and a way that has no doubt inspired some great discussion/debate/mockery sessions between friends. What was not immediately obvious to us was how well some of West's bombastic lyrics pair with grandiose superhero imagery. At the Kanye + Comics blog, the curators collect the most appropriate mash-ups of West's words and comics' iconic characters, and the results are as often exciting as they are funny. Check out some of our favorites after the jump.

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