Revealed in full for the first time at Toy Fair last month, Kotobukiya's upcoming Bishoujo Marvel Wasp looks to be another strong addition to the line. The figure captures the best parts of Janet Van Dyne's pixie-like form, without stretching too far into the oversexed interpretations that have appeared elsewhere in the Bishoujo series.

We got a glimpse of the painted prototype a few weeks ago, but these production photos offer a better look at the sculpt. Based on the art of Shunya Yamashita, the Bishoujo Wasp maintains the "beautiful girl" look, while still showing off the newish black and gold costume seen in Avengers Assemble. While the Wasp has always been a bit pixie-ish, this statue certainly captures her in a way that would fit in with the likes of Tinkerbell more than it would She-Hulk. That still fits in with the character to a degree, though the design does toe the line between fairy and superhero.

The wings do look nice, as does the suit. Wasp's outfit, while constrictive, still shows some nice folds and flexibility with the pose she's been placed in. The nicest touch, however, is the water splash base. Though she'll still be a little over 10.5" tall, you get an idea of her diminutive stature from the way she's able to walk on water in the playful chase pose. The paint app is nice, too, which was no doubt tough given how minimal the approach was for Wasp. Imperfections tend to stand out more when there's less going on, but here the two-tone colorway really makes the Wasp's outfit pop.

In recent attempts, Kotobukiya's Bishoujo statues have dialed back a bit on the overt... maturity of the characters, and with some impressive results. Batwoman, She-Hulk, Zatanna, and now Wasp, have all stayed true to Yamashita's vision for the characters, while also not straying too far beyond the versions we all know from the comics. Hopefully this is a trend that Koto will continue to follow, as it's produced some of the best Bishoujo in the series over the past few months.

The Kotobuikiya Marvel Bishjoujo Wasp will be available in September, and will is available for pre-order now for $69.99.