With the New 52's arrival a few years ago, Tim Drake moved out of the Batcave and shed his Robin uniform for a new home and new duds. Taking up the Red Robin persona, Drake has focused primarily on being the leader of the Teen Titans, though he still finds the time to aid Batman when the call is made. No matter how far from home the bird flies, he'll always be a part of the Bat-family, and his inclusion in Kotobukiya's growing Batman ArtFX+ statue line was a no-brainer.

Coming in at 7" tall, the piece (sculpted by Naoya Muto) captures Tim Drake in his cocky glory. So far the other characters in the series have all been relatively serious, with the exception of Damian Wayne who's always looking to stir up trouble. Red Robin's pose is a bit intimidating, but for reasons beyond a grim stature. Instead, you know just by looking at him that Tim Drake knows all your secrets, and will wipe the floor with you before you can even twitch.

The 1/10 scale statue fits perfectly in with the rest of the set, but Red Robin's outfit is shinier than most everyone else included so far. Part of that has to do with the massive red wings/cape flowing behind him, but even the core of his costume glimmers in the light. I suppose it's because outside of Damian, Red Robin has the most color in his standard costume. Nightwing just has that stylized bird flourish, Red Hood has the big dome, but an otherwise simple costume, and Batman, well, he's not called the Dark Knight because of his vibrant outfit. Still, the outfit is sharply detailed, and even if there's quite a bit going on in the belt and strap department, you can't fault Koto for sticking to the design plan.

The DC Comics New 52 Red Robin ArtFX+ statue is available through Kotobukiya's store for pre-order now for $54.99, and is expected to ship in May 2016.

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