Though New York Comic Con isn't typically a show where Kotobukiya reveals many new items, you can always count on the company to tease a handful of never-before-seen pieces. This year, the pickings weren't robust, but they will make fans of Koto's Bishoujo series for statues happy. While there were some nice Star Wars figurines at the booth as well, the primary source of new statues came from the "beautiful girl" series.

Both the Harley Quinn and Spider-Gwen teased with silhouette's back at SDCC were given the concept art treatment at NYCC. Harley will be represented by her New 52 Suicide Squad look, which we knew was coming, but is still slightly disappointing. The second version created by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti is much more interesting, and doesn't make you want to cringe just by glancing at it. Shunya Yamashita's design does the best it can with what he's got to work with, but this piece is already shaping up to pale in comparison to the classic Harley Quinn.

I was worried a bit about the Spider-Gwen figure when it was announced at SDCC. The Bishoujo line can be very hit or miss in how it depicts the female heroes and villains its focused on, though recent statues (Lady Deadpool notwithstanding) have been beautiful and tasteful. Spider-Gwen looks to keep up that good side of that trend, which is a good thing. The figure comes masked, though it won't be outside the realm of possibility to see an unmasked alternate head included in the package. The major draw of Bishoujo is Yamashita's artwork, and plenty of characters that wear masks have gotten alternate portraits to show off his design.

The few Star Wars ArtFX statues on display looked strong, but that's not a big surprise given Koto's previous efforts in this arena. The ArtFX line has already seen some tremendous success in the Star Wars brand, and The Force Awakens seems like an easy and natural extension to make. Curiously, the Phasma model isn't a clean figure, and instead portrays her with a bit of battle damage/wear in the armor. The Stormtroopers are crisp as ever, but for whatever reason, the chrome-covered Phasma gets a battle-damaged paint job. I wonder if that was a design decision to keep the figure clear of fingerprints, or if perhaps there's some other reasoning due to licensing.

Unfortunately, Kotobukiya didn't have items it announced at the NYCC panel (like the Thanos ArtFX+ statue and the Adi Granov Beast) on display. Those two alone could have provided a bit more balance to the booth overall. I guess we'll just have to wait for Toy Fair to get a glimpse of those though.

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