Though Lego doing building sets based around the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was an eventuality (and has been teased previously), we didn't know what kind of plans the company had in mind. Given Lego's history of providing a variety of sets in all shapes and sizes for the likes of its DC Super Heroes line, as well as recent developments with its Marve Super Heroes line (with regard to the movie-based sets), it seemed like anything was possible. Batcave? Maybe. Wonder Woman and Aquaman versus Lex Luthor? Sure, why not. Of course, the obvious answer was there the whole time.

Thanks to the beacon of geek news that is the Wall Street Journal, we have our first official look at Lego's initial BvS:DoJ set: the Batmobile. Though the set will be available for viewing at San Diego Comic-Con next week, Lego will not have the Batmobile available for sale. The 306 piece set won't be purchasable until New Year's Day 2016.

It's worth noting the Batmobile will include the all-new Batman Minifigure, complete with the fatter Bat-symbol. The Batmobile will also feature opening doors and two stud shooters, which have become common in Lego's more action-centric sets. The WSJ mentions there will be a second mystery vehicle included, along with two mystery figures in the set. For $29.99, that's a decent amount of inclusions, but it does raise the questions as to who or what those mystery items are.

From what we know about the upcoming movie, the additional pieces could be almost anything. Batman has been shown readying to fight Superman, but that's not a character one would think is deserving of mystery status, given that he's in the title of the film, and it's technically his sequel. Though other DC characters have been confirmed for the feature, we don't know how large a role Wonder Woman or Aquaman, or any of the rumored JLA members, will have, so it's possible they might be on the mystery list. Or it could just be some cops and a cop car. Or LexCorp security. Or Alfred, Ace the Bat-Hound and a station wagon. The possibilities are endless. This is like the Shrodinger's cat of Lego sets.

Maybe the full set will be on display next week, so we'll be sure to keep an eye out while we're at SDCC.

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