Movies: A new poster for Dredd 3D sees star Kyle Urban stand amid some Mega City One destruction. [Yahoo UK]

Digital: All digital Viz titles are currently on sale, with discounts up to 20 percent off. [Viz Manga]

Animation: Zane Houston puts his Marvel and DC Lego heroes into motion in the "Egos Collide" short. [The Brothers Brick]

Cosplay: Nagoya, Japan's Meitetsu Department Store is home to a giant mannequin known as "Nana-chan," which was recently dressed up like Naruto. This is its ninja way, or something. [Kotaku]

Tech: 3D printing continues to plot the course of the future of action figures with Cubify unveiling its new robot toys. [Engadget]

Plushies: Hiro Mashima's Plue character from Rave Master and Fairy Tale is getting its own plushie. Its nose doesn't appear to be dangerous in this incarnation. [Tomopop]

Video: CA's own Chris Sims weighs in on what Batman's philanthropy might look like in the real world. [Bentz Whaley Flessner]

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