When Medicom opened up preorders for its The Amazing Spider-Man 2 MAFEX action figure earlier this year, a teaser image depicted a pretty straightforward addition to the 6.3" tall toy line. Sure, it was cool to see a new take on the film's updated Spidey suit, but otherwise it was pretty similar to the first ASM figure, right? Well, not completely. While the basic figure is similar in some regards, there's going to be a deluxe edition of the Spider-Man figure that has accessories enow to make it look like he may or may not enjoy seductive convos on his smartphone. Oh, and a friggin' skateboard!

Set to arrive in October for ¥ 8,800 (or for $75 via Entertainment Earth in the US), the deluxe edition American import version of the figure will come with a backpack, a webbed skateboard, a smartphone, a canister of something (maybe the plutonium the Rhino tries to steal?), a "removed" mask, a megaphone, a manhole cover, a firefighter helmet and a fire hose. The figure will also come with a masked head and an unmasked head showing the likeness of actor Andrew Garfield. As far as requisite webbing effect parts go, the figure will come packed with a big spider web, two "firing" strands that attach to either of the figure's wrists, plus a longer swinggable strand and a netted web blast.

The main sticking point for this figure for a lot of collectors, I suspect, will be its magnetic palms and feet, which allow the figure to scale metal surfaces. Toy Biz and Hasbro have released a number of Spidey figures with magnetic features over the years, but none with as much utility since the first Spider-Man 2 movie back in 2004. Speaking as somebody with one holding up birthday cards and whatever on his refrigerator, it'd be nice to get another Webslinger up there. If you don't have the fridge space, though, it's no big deal. The figure comes with a magnetic wall of its own.

You can see Medicom's upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 figure and all of its accessories in action below.




[Via Medicom]