Comic Twart contributor and skilled-to-the-gills Conan artist Mike Hawthorne draws a mean barbarian, but he's also capable of so much more. Just a few weeks ago, Hawthorne April Fooled his blog followers with a fake Hellboy/Conan crossover tease. Then, he gave out some free sketches to ease any disappointment that he may have caused. That's chivalrous behavior to see from any artist, let alone one who specializes in drawing big, brutish folks.
Hawthorne's Comic Twart concoctions and other sketch work appear in waves over on his Blogspot account. Frank Miller admirers will want to see his Daredevil, and the Asterix fans among us would like to tip our hats to Hawthorne for the badass PG-13 version of comics' most widely recognized Gaul.

Other highlights in his art archives include a burly Big Barda, as well as some 100 Bullets and Preacher tributes that show off his clean line work and shading techniques. As usual, we've noted a few of our favorites below, but Hawthorne's blog and deviantART gallery are crammed with tons more.

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