Back in May Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum turned to its fans for their votes on who to include in a Toys "R" Us exclusive "Heralds of Galactus" Minimates set. The winners? Terrax, Morg, Nova and Galactus himself. Losing out were Airwalker and Firelord have lost out for the time being, but DST says its planning on including them in future Marvel Minimates lines. Meanwhile the Silver Surfer, who has already had two Minimates of his own, cackles with glee before shedding a single tear over his lost love Shalla-bal.All four Minimates are newcomers to the blocky line, although Galactus got an unarticulated 8" Max Minimate in 2006. Though the new Galactus may be smaller in stature, he's still got a miniature Silver Surfer companion at his side, in gloriously blocky detail.

Meanwhile Terrax is kicking it on a flying rock with his trademark axe while Morg looks on in mild envy. Those heralds love their axes.

Though the prototype in the image features opaque colors, DST confirmed on its Facebook page that the Frankie Raye Nova Minimate will sport translucent orange hair (and flaming hair base) and metallic yellow skin.

Feast your eyes on the Heralds of Galactus Minimates Box Set below:

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