Take heed, ne'er-do-well visitors to the Allston branch of the venerable New England Comics empire, for that comic book store is protected by the Phoenix! Or at least, by ComicsAlliance fashion blogger Bethany Fong in an excellent Phoenix cosplay.Photographed by Benn Robbins, Bethany's Phoenix gear was created by a local costumer especially for New England Comics. The store doesn't make costumes available for sale, but it does keep a supply on hand for Free Comic Book Day and the many other special events NEC hosts at its locations around Massachusetts. The newest store is located in Allston, where Bethany was on hand to help with the festivities.

The editor of CA's Best Cosplay Ever (This Week) feature, Bethany doesn't usually wear costumes she didn't make herself (and she's mainly a DC Comics cosplayer), but she told us it was fun channeling Jean Grey for an afternoon. Naturally, she found a way to work in her trademark bow by affixing it to Thor's hammer, the legendary Meowmeow.

You can keep up with all of Bethany's cosplay at Fashion Tips From Comic Strips.

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