Y'all, Sideshow Collectibles has been on an absolute tear with its Premium Format Figure line. Whether it's Star Wars, horror characters, Marvel or DC (or their respective cinematic universes), the massive mixed-media statues have been straight fire from the California company. While all the pieces can stand on their own magnificence, a number of them come together under a common theme. That's the case with the latest Marvel piece --- the Black Cat --- which fits nicely in the running Spider-Man series Sideshow's been assembling.

Based on her current incarnation designed by Humberto Ramos, the Black Cat finds herself perched precariously on some crumbling New York skyline. Just like Spider-Man and Green Goblin, she's got a smokey base, indicating these characters might have all been in a big ol' tussle high above the Manhattan streets. The upcoming Venom and Carnage will be joining them soon, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. The Black Cat is the star of the show today, and she looks good in the spotlight.

I hadn't paid much mind to her recent redesign until Black Cat popped up over in Hellcat, and there's actually a lot to like about the new-ish duds. The costume is a lot more practical for a cat burglar. Her original design from way back when wasn't bad. It was tastefully revealing, but then the '90s happened, and Felicia Hardy turned into a quite literal sex kitten just a few decades after she first appeared. That element has been drawn way back, and now we've got a design that's not only still attractive, but makes a lot more sense for Hardy's chosen profession.

The design and sculpting team at Sideshow has done a nice job bringing the latest costume to life, and there's some very nice detailing in the suit that I definitely missed on the comic page. The pose is dynamic and shows off Black Cat's acrobatic skills without falling into cliche, male gaze posturing. Her own gaze looking out into the sky, and not at her surroundings, is a subtle call to her luck-influencing powers. She doesn't need to see where she's going; Cat always lands on her feet.

The Marvel Black Cat Premium Format Figure is available for pre-order now for $499.99, and is expected to arrive in Q4 2017. The exclusive edition will come with an alternate hand clutching a bag of jewels.


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