When it comes to next-level collectibles from beloved comics and movies, few companies bring it as hard as Sideshow Collectibles. The company has long been crafting statues and figures for the refined collector from a wide range of licenses like Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics and many, many more. As the official U.S. distributor for Hong Kong toy makers Hot Toys, Sideshow's portfolio of products is tough to top.

When we hit the floor at San Diego Comic-Con this year, we darted to the Sideshow booth. Partially to get there before it became too crowded to photograph the insane amount of products on display, but mostly because we had to see all the figures and statues that would break our wallets in the coming year. From Wolverine and Red Sonja to Star Wars and Transformers, Sideshow Collectibles SDCC '15 reveals will have fans of just about everything on Earth excited.

One of the best surprises at Sideshow's stand was seeing the first figures from the company's sixth-scale branch, including Marvel and Evil Dead. We've had more than our fair share of Marvel figures over the years, and Hot Toys has continually pumped out movie version after movie version of our beloved 616 heroes. What we haven't seen much of however are the comic book iterations. Sideshow's putting its spin on characters like Deadpool (which we've seen before), Punisher and Wolverine to get things started, and based on the prototypes the line is off to a good start. Though figures like Beetlejuice and Evil Dead's Ash don't really fit into a series, they too look impressive in sixth-scale form.

Of course, when it comes to sixth-scale, few companies do it as well and with the volume of Hot Toys. Dozens of upcoming and never-before-seen figures were on display in the Hot Toys portion of Sideshow's booth, including shockers like Maria Hill and a new Batman '66 Adam West Batman, as well as anticipated figures like Ant-Man, Princess Leia and Hulkbuster. Sadly, Guardians of the Galaxy Drax is still missing in action, as is Quicksilver, but their lack was more than made up for with the new scale TIE Fighter (which is wholly complete) and the replica Millennium Falcon cockpit.

Sixth-scale figures weren't the only thing on display at Sideshow's booth though, as there were more than a fair share of detailed over-sized statues taking up real estate. Like the figures, there were a few that we already knew were coming, but finally getting to see the likes of Supergirl, a new Red Sonja and the ridiculous new He-Man and Skeletor pieces, that just kept our eyes popping and our bank accounts quietly crying in the corner. Just take a look for yourself if you don't believe us.

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