Hey, remember when Speedball was sad (so sad) because he played a tangential role in blowing up Stamford, Connecticut and sparking a superhero Civil War, so he decided to turn from a happy, colorful teen superhero into a fetish-infused freakshow by putting on a pain suit that constantly raked his flesh I guess as some form of penance? And then changed his name to Penance? Yeah, that's over now.

Marvel revealed the faculty for the upcoming "Avengers Academy" at C2E2 including: Tigra, Quicksilver, Justice, The Wasp... and a re-Speedballed Robbie Baldwin in a blue and yellow costume that no longer appears to stab him with every movement. But don't worry, fans of emo grimacing, he's still going to be tortured; writer Christos Gage added that "he's trying to move past the horrible things he's been through as Penance, but he's going to find out it's not as easy as changing clothes."

Maybe not, but when you're wearing a giant creepy self-torture suit, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it probably helps.

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