Ah, Facebook. Whether you're destroying the economy by spending your work hours clicking on a virtual farm where the harvest is your personal information or finding out which of your childhood friends now has the most insane political views, it's become an indispensible resource for millions of people all over the world. And that includes your favorite super-heroes.

Here at ComicsAlliance, we've thought a lot about what sort of social networking comic book characters might get up to, but we neglected to include the one key element that made Mark Zuckerberg his billions: those weird, oddly specific ads that show up in your sidebar. And today, that's an oversight we've corrected.

It's the Facebook sidebar ads that just might show up if you log in to check your profile from Clark Kent's office in Metropolis or Dr. Doom's castle in Latveria (even though we have it on good authority that Doom is stil holding out for the resurgence of Freindster)! Check out our full selection of Super-Hero Facebook ads after the jump!In true Facebook fashion, you can click on each picture to find out just what they're referring to!

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