Impatiently biding time for the premiere of the Thor movie on May 6? Already read Marvel Comics' many, many Thor books to get in the mood for the Thunder God's big-screen debut and need some new Asgardian adventures? You can catch all-new, exclusive digital comic books by eating at your local Burger King.

We've already reported on Burger King's nifty Thor toys with the purchase of a BK Kids Meal. But wait (as they say on the late-night infomercials), there's more! Each toy includes a code that gives you access to one of four Thor comic book chapters online at

The comics are scripted by Brian J. L. Glass, co-creator of Image Comics' The Mice Templar. Glass is no stranger to Thor: he wrote the five-part limited series Thor: First Thunder comic earlier this year. Art is by Ig Guara (Marvel Adventures The Avengers and the various Pet Avengers limited series). It's well-written and gorgeously designed: although it's aimed at younger readers, this is definitely a comic for any Thor fan young or old.

The first 22-page installment, "Valor," follows Thor, god of mischief Loki and the warrior goddess Sif on a quest of challenge to restore Loki's honor after he insults a blacksmith who possesses a valuable treasure. Thor's team versus the blacksmith's trio compete in a scavenger hunt across Asgard's wild regions. It's a race that will reveal not only the prizes, but true valor, skill, and wits when Thor, Sif and Loki are trapped in a forest of despair that threatens to doom their quest from the very beginning.

The adventure stresses brotherhood and teamwork – even Loki has a selfless part to play in saving his comrades, but this isn't merely a simple story of "stand together." Glass deftly fills in valuable back story of the rivalry between Thor and Loki, and the Thunder God's persistent attempts to save his half-brother from the path of evil. Like the Burger King Thor toys, it's ideal for those who enjoy both heroes and heroines: Sif has a significant role to play. Despite her failing prey to the same traps as Thor and Loki, she's no damsel in distress but a bold and swift warrior born. Loki, however, has an ulterior secret motive -- when doesn't he?
Burger King's digital Thor comic (available through June 19, 2011) could have been a light and insignificant throwaway story, but this is a fine tale in the veins of the best Marvel Adventures comic books. It's a solid prequel to the movie and a great introduction to Marvel's Asgardian gods and their mythos. A BK Kids Meal, a Thor toy, and an access code to an online Thor comic? I'm so there, Burger King.

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