If you haven’t met Terry Shin yet, you’re missing out. He’s a strong, sensitive dude who just happened to have been cursed by a witch, and now he’s half man, half pigeon. But he’s hecka cute, y’all.



Created by Wendy Xu --- comic writer and artist, co-creator of Mooncakes --- in 2016, Terry adjusted to his new bird life and realized he wanted to date, just like everybody else. It’s lonely enough as a regular human, but it’s even worse when you’re an incredibly buff pigeon man.

Terry’s your boyfriend. Terry is the world’s boyfriend. Anytime Xu posts an update about Terry on her Twitter or Instagram, the story is always in the second person. Terry would love for you to be his valentine. He’s making you tea. He wants to give you a backrub.


Wendy Xu


Terry’s a fascinating character --- How did he get cursed by a witch? What did he do to deserve it? How is he so buff given that he’s, well, half pigeon? --- but ultimately his existence is really for us. He just wants to love us, and let us know we’re worthy of that love. We’re good people, and that’s why we deserve Terry.

(Xu hasn’t shared more details about Terry’s backstory yet, but Alyssa Wong has some ideas in her piece “If Terry Shin Were Your Boyfriend.”)


Wendy Xu


And Terry’s a great boyfriend. He’ll pack your lunches when he knows you have a rough week ahead of you. He’ll bring you an umbrella on a rainy day when you forgot yours at home. He likes hiking, and the beach. When you meet up for a date, he’ll always bring you an extra coffee, just how you like it.


Wendy Xu


Terry’s dating adventures have been turned into Will You Go Out With Me? a 14 page comic, available as a PDF on Gumroad and in print at the upcoming Emerald City Comicon, where Xu will also be selling Terry Shin tote bags and postcards.

Keep your eyes peeled on Xu’s Instagram for more Terry. The perfect pigeon boyfriend isn't going anywhere. He's here for you.


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