There is something very creepy about a super villain that's one part Marv from "Sin City," another part Randy "The Ram" Robinson from "The Wrestler" and yet another part Ivan Drago from "Rocky IV." Of course, as an action figure - in this case, Hot Toys' 1/6 scale "Iron Man 2" Whiplash action figure - that creepiness is also completely cool as hell.

Marvelous News has posted a slew of photos showing off the new Whiplash action figure, and like all things Hot Toys, it rules. I'm not going to waste your time gushing about the figure's eerie resemblance to Rourke, the various points of articulation, the overall attention to detail - instead, let's talk about the pants.Action figure Whiplash's pants are brown. In the movie, the villain sports an orange jumpsuit. Of all the things that could be different between the actor and the figure, why this detail?

"According to Marvel, there are legal implications regarding the orange-color of the pants as shown in the movie," reports Marvelous News. "Therefore, the pants' color in merchandise would vary from that in the movie and would be tuned to brown color accordingly."

Well, there you go. If you're annoyed about the brown trousers, that's why they're there. The reasoning is kind of hilarious, kind of bizarre and pretty much of no importance whatsoever - the figure is awesome, color be damned.

[Source: Marvelous News]

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