Are you going to WonderCon? Are you a fan of DC Comics and their "Blackest Night" event in particular? Are you an action figure enthusiast? If so, you've got the opportunity of a lifetime coming your way this weekend - and I hate you for it.

At this weekend's WonderCon in San Francisco, Graphitti Designs will be selling two awesome convention exclusive DC Direct action figures of Sinestro and Hal Jordan, with Sinestro wearing his White Lantern duds and Hal sporting the Black Lantern look.
Even if you're at WonderCon, you aren't guaranteed to walk away with one of these exclusives. Multiple ticket draws will be held throughout the weekend where winners will receive a color-coded wristband with a purchase time on it. Wristband wearers have an hour from their designated time to purchase an action figure from the Graphitti Designs booth, and that's it. Prospective buyers can purchase up to two of each exclusive. If you don't win a wristband on your first try at the ticket draw, you can get back on line and do it again.

In short, if you want one of these exclusive action figures, get in line early and keep your fingers crossed. If you do walk away with Sinestro and Hal Jordan, keep them secret and safe - getting those toys out of the convention hall in one piece will be like carrying the One Ring through a room packed with Ring Wraiths, so be warned.