If you like stories of paranoid mysteries and giving money to charity, good news: apparently someone in a position of power read your mind.

Not literally. We were joking. Please take the tinfoil off your head.

Humble Bundle has teamed up with IDW Publishing for their latest charity bundle featuring various X-Files comics, in advance of the hotly anticipated revival of the classic television series about a familiar pair of FBI agents investigating cases they’re not really supposed to solve, about things that shouldn’t exist.

Included in this bundle are:

  • The X-Files Season Ten (#1 through #25,) the comic book “tenth season” extension of the X-Files mythos
  • The X-Files: Season Eleven #1 through #3, the currently running followup to Season 10
  • The X-Files: Year Zero, the prequel about the initial establishment of the X-Files division of the FBI
  • The X-Files Classics: Season 1, comics adaptation of the best episodes from season one of the television series
  • The complete X-Files Classics, every single issue of the Topps Comics series that introduced many X-Files fans to the world of comics in the 1990s
  • And many more, including an adaptation of Kevin J. Anderson’s Ground Zero X-Files novel.

Of particular note is the X-Files Classics series, which features early artwork by Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard. Normally all of this would run you $179, but the whole bundle is #15, which is a steal of a deal.

This bundle's charity of choice is the Travelling Stories fund, helping to build libraries in book-poor communities all over the world.




Which standout comics from this series are especially worth checking out, in the countdown to the return of Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to our screens? We’re glad you asked. We will have answers, possibly accompanied by an eerie whistle, very soon.

The X-Files Humble Bundle runs until December 2 2015.


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