We've been seeing an increasing number of 1/4 scale figures from the likes of Enterbay and Hot Toys, but NECA's new Batman: Arkham Origins figure may be the beefiest take on the Caped Crusader so far -- even moreso than its Batman '89 and Batman '66 offerings. Standing at an intimidating 18" tall, the toy may even be able to serve as a home security option. Surely no superstitious and cowardly home invader could get past a grapnel gun-armed Batman the size of a toddler.

Pure size isn't the only thing NECA's Arkham Origins Batman figure has going for it either. Its 25+ points of articulation seem to ensure that it can pull off almost any pose fans can throw at it when it's released in May. Well, maybe don't throw anything at this figure. It costs like $99.99 online, so it's probably worth gently metaphorically tossing poses.

In addition to its aforementioned grapnel gun accessory (which attaches to the figure's utility belt, no less), NECA's 1/4 scale Arkham Origins Batman will also come with a Batarang big enough to knock out any given thug from Arkham Asylum/Arkham City or even the upcoming Arkham: Knight. Speaking of Arkham Knight... now's a good time to start taking bets on which toymaker will be courageous enough to turn that game's new Batmobile into a toy compatible with 1/6-1/4 scale toys.

Until fate decides, get a good look at NECA's upcoming 1/4 scale Arkham Origins Batman figure below.