A while back, an Ask Chris question referred to the Batmobile as "Batman's whip," and more than anything else, this made me want to see the Caped Crusader ghost riding the Batmobile through the streets of Gotham. Don't get me wrong, I usually want to see Batman taking a dance break on top of his car as he battles against the forces of evil, but this was pretty specific.

A few artists stepped up to the challenge, but CA reader Earl Yi went the extra mile, and sent in a grand total of four versions of Batman getting hyphy in different eras: Adam West Batman, The Dark Knight Returns, the modern Grant Morrison Batman and Robin and even a dance-off between The Dark Knight's Batman and Joker. Check 'em out after the cut!

Batman '66:

The Dark Knight Returns:

Batman and Robin:

The Dark Knight:

Now if only we could get him kicking it on the roof of that crazy Norm Breyfogle hovercraft-lookin' thing from the '90s, we'd have a complete set!