In my childhood, there were few things that disappointed me more than my inability to get more than thirty seconds into the classic Dragon's Lair video game. Every time I saw it in the arcade, the promise of sword-swinging, dragon-slaying action and the beautiful animation from the legendary Don Bluth would get me to drop in a quarter with the hopes that maybe this time, this time, things would be different, but alas. Before long, Dirk the Daring would be reduced to a skeleton and I'd head back to something that I could figure out how to play.

Now, though, it seems like I might finally get my chance to see the rest of the story, as Don Bluth and Gary Goldman have launched a Kickstarter to fund a full-length Dragon's Lair movie, looking for over half a million dollars to get the project off the ground. Check out some details below, along with the Kickstarter video with a very strange appearance by the cast of The Wizard of Oz. Really.



The Kickstarter has already raised over $50,000, so clearly there's a demand from fans, but it's worth noting that this particular campaign is a pricey one. The first tier to actually reward backers with a copy of the film (a BluRay disc) is at the $125 level, and if you want a t-shirt, be prepared to drop a cool $350. Most of the earlier levels have smaller rewards, like a lanyard or postcards.

Still, Bluth's talent for animation is legendary, and there are plenty of people out there who would be willing to put up a chunk of the budget if it meant seeing him return for a Dragon's Lair film --- especially if it meant they weren't the ones in charge of keeping Dirk from being vaporized every few seconds.