Artist Hector Casanova doesn't get much time to do comics. Even though he's clearly a savant of the medium, there's relatively little of his sequential work circulating: the top-notch "Screamland" with Harold Sipe, "The Lurkers" with Steve Niles. He's been a little busy, making a living as an in-house illustrator for "The Kansas City Star," freelance designer, fine artist and owner-curator of the now-retired Green Door Gallery, once a bright light in the West Bottoms gallery explosion. With so little time to devote to his first love, any opportunity to see his rare work is cause for attention. If and when that opportunity occurs, he posts at Comic Stripjoint, a blog he maintains with other caustic wunderkinds and madmen Joshua Cotter, Daniel Spottswood, and Travis Fox.

So in the off chance that he presents a Jack Chick-style artist's statement for a proposal he's doing, one should make a point of stopping by to check it out and marvel at the ease with which he navigates the form. When you're done with that, go check out some other stuff, like the magical "Disgrace." Every thing Casanova produces looks effortless and natural, but strung with a crackle of tension, nervous with energy. Someone needs to pay him a lot of money to make comics.