Hey guys, what up with you? Good, good glad to hear it. What's up with me? Oh, nothing much. And comics, what's up with comics? Well, let's see: Publisher Dark Horse and the creative team behind their official comic book continuation of the TV series are daring what could be the most SPOILERIFIC and controversy-courting plot line a major publisher has attempted featuring such a widely-known and liked character, DC Comics released the results of the reader survey they had announced as part of their "New 52" initiative, and our own Chris Sims went shopping for valentines. And that, as always, is just the tip of the iceberg...


-Scott McDaniel, the artist and co-writer of DC's quickly-canceled "New 52" series Static Shock, responds at great length to his former collaborator's complaints of the book's broken creative process

-CA's own Smallvillains Chris Sims and David Uzumeri reunite to react to DC's big Smallville news: The show's over, but the next "season" will play out in a new digital-first comic book series

-DC announced another round of creative team tweaks among their "New 52" line


-Adventure Time #1

-Batmwoman #6

-Avengers Vs. X-Men #1

-G.I Joe Retaliation #1, which bridges the gap between 2009 live-action G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, and this summer's sequel

-Pat Grant's Blue


-James Sturm explained why he's boycotting The Avengers film over Marvel's continued shabby treatment of Jack Kirby's legacy and heirs in a passionate piece for Slate magazine

-Marvel's 2010 countersuit of Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich, who sued his former employer and those involved with the 2007 feature film starring the motorcycle-riding, skull-faced demon, will be dropped on the condition that Friedrich pay $17,000 in damages and quit using his creator credit for financial gain

-Original Walking Dead artist Tony Moore is suing his one-time partner, writer Robert Kirkman


-Lauren Davis on What were you raised by wolves?

-This week's Best Webcomics Ever (The Week)

-Andrew Wheeler on Fantastic Four: Season One


-Chris Sims talks to Richard Burlew about the phenomenal success of his fundraising effort on behalf of The Order of the Stick

-Dylan Todd talks to writer Jonathan Hickman about his upcoming series The Manhattan Projects and his interest in history and design


-What the well-dressed cosplayers are wearing this week

-Spider-Man's getting another new costume for Marvel's upcoming "Ends of The Earth" storyarc

-Black Milk's fall line includes some cool, geek-specific styles


-A new Avengers trailer debuted Sunday, and it looked like this

-Images from the upcoming, Schneider and Stallone-free Judge Dredd movie have surfaced

-Here's the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer, and some commentary from the cast


-Benjamin Ang draws everything awesome, especially his Wolverchu (above)

-Tim Doyle's UnReal Estate

-Ken House draws Link, Ms. Marvel and David Bowie with equal aplomb

-Sean Anderson, Neo-Romantic-Semi-Surreal-Crystal-Construct-Funkified-Deco-Pop-Cubist

-Sean Harter's posters for imaginary Batman films

-Charles Paul Wilson draws sueprheroes by way of A.A. Milen's Pooh, an Awesome Man-Thing and Scarecrow and more

-Clinton Felker's paintings of superheroes, transformers and samurai versions of Star Wars chracters

-Nick Pitarra and Hickman's teasers for their upcoming Manhattan Projects

-Kai Lim's Star Wars paintings

-Jess Fink's gender swapped Archie valentine features an Archie with boobs and...a Veronica and Betty without any

-Edwin Rhemrev's concept art for an imaginary Incredibles 2 movie

-This week's Best Art Ever (This Week)