Friends, it’s happened. We have Bombshell Superman. And he’s delightful.

His muscles are softly defined, his eyes likewise, and his mustache is as cutely wax-twirled as his tumbling kiss-curl. His shoulder are bare, like cousin Power Girl's own, and also like hers his hands are elegantly controlled, and he’s wearing a sash! His wrists are bound (individually). I’m so happy.

Kara looks nice too.

Ant Lucia’s Action Comics #43 cover is one of 21 August Bombshells variants, and it’s got me feeling receptive. If hot babes must be a selling point for DC comics, at least they can be gracious enough to provide slightly different flavors, and at least they can get the chaps looking blitz-me good on par. (Lucia also illustrated the Aquaman bombshell cover, which you can see below.)


Aquaman #43, Ant Lucia. Via Nerdist


Receptive is the state projected by many of these bombshells, of course, and there are more purchasable statuettes of more retro-styled women (only women) being released in the coming months. More interestingly, these uncommonly fashion-conscious redesigns are also getting their own digital-first comic. Gasp!

If you liked that first Captain America film — and if you enjoy Agent Carter — you might have to shuffle out of your cockpit and prepare to wing-walk over to the other side for just a second. DC Comics Bombshells will be set in “an alternate reality World War II”. Is it the sort of alternate reality where the Nazis are actually Pole Star snakemen, or the sort where everything’s normal but all your friends are there (and you, and you are, and Lois too)? Who can say. It probably doesn’t matter much.


Justice League of America #3, Terry and Rachel Dodson.


What does matter is that Bombshells will be a Marguerite special. Drawn by M. Sauvage, scripted by M. Bennett, I can’t think of a less worrying team of creators. Even just considering her work at DC, Marguerite Sauvage has proved herself a girl-friendly, style-literate comic artist, and Marguerite Bennett, while occasionally derided to her dismay as “a terrible role model for young girls,” only receives this daubing as a result of her combination of hard, successful comics scripting work and gleeful, sensual femininity. Together, they're perfect.

See all of the DC Bombshell variant covers below:


Flash #43, Ant Lucia
New Suicide Squad #11, Des Taylor
Batman/Superman #23, Des Taylor. Via HitFix Harpy
Grayson #11. Emanuela Luppachino with Tomeu Morey
Superman #43, Des Taylor
Secret Six #5, Emanuela Luppachino with Tomeu Morey
Green Lantern #43, Emanuela Luppachino with Tomeu Morey. Via IGN
Harley Quinn #19, Ant Lucia
Wonder Woman #43, Ant Lucia
Deathstroke #9, Emanuella Luppachino with Tomeu Morey
Green Arrow #43, Ant Lucia. Via Paste
Justice League #43, Emanuela Luppachino with Tomeu Morey
Teen Titans #11, Ant Lucia
Sinestro #14, Emanuela Luppachino with Tomeu Morey
Catwoman #43, Des Taylor. Via HeroComplex.
Detective Comics #42, Emanuella Luppachino with Tomeu Morey
Superman/Wonder Woman #20, Terry with Rachel Dodson
Batman #43, Ant Lucia
DC Comics Bombshells #1