There are still people out in the world that dare venture into the cold dark retail black hole that is Black Friday. To them I say, "Good luck, and godspeed." I am not one of those people. No matter how good the deals get, after working the "holiday" for so many years, I'll never step foot in a store again on the Friday after Thanksgiving for the rest of my life. Now, if you are one of those people, and in particular, one of those people with an expressed interest in going to Gamestop stores on Black Friday, you'll find Funko's got something special in store for you.

For the first time ever, Funko is releasing a mystery box, which will be exclusive to Gamestop retail stores. The box is set up much like the Marvel Collector Corps and Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty subscription boxes, though there's a bit more variety in the brands involved with this Black Friday special. Each of the boxes is guaranteed to get you two ReAction figures, a Pop Keychain, an Pop Pin and one of five different limited Pop figures. Available only within these boxes will be a Batgirl, Batman (1989 movie version), Blackest Night Superman, Fallout Power Armor or a color variant Claptrap.

At $20 a box, that's a fair amount of stuff, and is on par with those sub boxes I mentioned earlier. The super-limited nature of these boxes (they're only available until Gamestop runs out) doesn't turn me off, but the day they're releasing sure does. There are likely going to be plenty of Funko fans that don't have a problem going to the video game retailer at 5AM to snag a few or these. Especially considering one in eight is actually home to an even more exclusive gold variant Pop of the five special figures.

Now, Funko does have a DC subscription box in the works, which kind of makes me sad that the Batgirl and Batman are being used for this Black Friday deal instead of that. Of course, the only problem is Funko's planned DC box won't come out until some time until 2016. This looks like the only way to get some super-exclusive DC figures in the interim. Maybe a few will still be left over after the weekend, but I'm not holding my breath.