Avengers: Age of Ultron is just a week away, so we're into the third and final day of the second round of our poll to determine the greatest, best, favorite Avenger of all time. We've taken the top contenders from the previous rounds and broken them up into new voting groups, and you're not just voting for the winner; you're helping us see how the rest of the team stack up against each other. That means you can still vote tactically if you think Captain America is going to sweep this thing but you'd still like to express a preference between Scott Land and Bobbi Morse --- and you can come back and express that preference every hour!

The round two groups were assigned blind, except that we broke up the top seeds to keep it interesting. For this last set that means a scientist showdown between Dr Banner and Dr McCoy, a face-off between beloved second-stringer little bros Havok and Hawkeye, and a titanic tussle between two major fan favorites, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man. Remember, we're not asking who'd win in a fight. Pick your favorites, and help us determine the greatest Avenger of all time!