The second wave of Hot Toys' Avengers: Age of Ultron Cosbaby figures was announced this week, this time giving some love to the under-appreciated true stars of the film, Vision and Black Widow. Seven more figures will join the line, which already includes the likes of Thor, Captain America and Ultron, all of which are rendered in adorable chibi fashion.

This series actually includes a fairly good mix of characters. There's no dud of an Iron Legion included here, but you do get the Ultron MK I version of that robot, complete with busted up body. Ultron Prime is here as well, and the translation to chibi did not help is disposition one bit. Trying to make genocidal artificial intelligences appear cutesy doesn't always work, and that's definitely the case here.

The Vision and Black Widow come out pretty well though. The little cape looks nice, but it's the detailing in his eyes that really sells Vision. Black Widow's smirk lets you know she can easily still whoop you in seven different ways before you even walk through the door, in spite of her diminutive stature. Her costume translates really well to the format, too.

In addition to two big bads and two big heroes, War Machine makes a cameo in his MK II suit. It's okay. The problem with War Machine is how much the figure looks just like Iron Man, who also happens to get two new versions in this series. The MK XLV armor has just enough paint differences to make it look new compared to the MK XLIII version included in series one. However, it's the unhelmeted Tony Stark that is the true standout of this set. You can only get him if you buy the whole series as a collection though, which is a bit disappointing.

The first set of Cosbaby figures retailed for $89.99, so you can probably expect these figures to run about the same when they go up for pre-order. No release date has been given as of yet.