The Mad Titan finally gets his sixth-scale due from Hot Toys later this year. Based on his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, the big bad behind the scenes in Marvel's cinematic universe, Thanos, will soon be able to join the rest of the incredibly elaborate rogues already released as Hot Toys, like Loki, Red Skull and Iron Monger.

The Thanos sculpt is rather impressive, with a lot of sharp detailing in his armor. The new facial sculpt is appropriately menacing, and still has a bit of that Brolin charm. As Hot Toys figures go, this Thanos does appear to be a bit bare bones regarding accessories, but that does keep the figure accurate to his appearance in Guardians. Before everyone gets up in arms about there not being an Infinity Gauntlet, let's not forget that hasn't even appeared in the movies yet, so its exclusion here isn't all that surprising.

Despite coming with just two sets of hands, the big to-do about this figure is his stone throne. There are tiny LED lights in the base and the arm rests that give the illusion of thrusters of a sort. Additionally, the throne itself has clear stands included to make it appear as if it's floating. No size measurements have been given just yet, but the throne does sit up rather high, which might be a problem for displaying Thanos properly. While Thanos himself shouldn't be an issue at 1/6 scale, it looks like when perched atop his throne he's close to double his normal size. Most display cases (such as the ever popular Detolf) won't be able to accommodate figures much larger than 15 inches tall.

Strangely, we still haven't seen a full, official version of Drax. All of the other heroes from the film have gotten their due, but Dave Bautista's hulking warrior still hasn't been seen beyond sneak peeks on forums. Likewise, it's unclear if we'll ever see a Ronan or Nebula, but with Hot Toys' slate filling up rather quickly for 2015 releases, including all those Avengers: Age of Ultron figures, it seems like the Guardians line might be at its end with Thanos.

There's no firm release date or price just yet, but Sideshow Collectibles will likely have an announcement in the coming days about when to expect Thanos, and just how much he'll cost.

Update: Thanos is now available for pre-order over at Sideshow for $414.99. Yes, you read that right. He's expected to arrive sometime between November 2015 and January 2016.