They may not appear in this Friday's "Iron Man 2" theatrical debut, but a few new notable characters from Tony Stark's comic book adventures are scheduled to make appearances in this summer's IM2 action figure line.

Hasbro's 3.75" versions of Titanium Man, Guardsman (from The Vault and other locales) and Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor are just three of the most notable additions to the expanding line, which will also include two new versions of Iron Man's comic book armor.

The Big Bad Toystore currently lists the figures from this wave as preorders with an expected August shipping date. That's a long time to wait for fans who plan on catching IM2 this weekend, but given the number of characters the toy line's already produced, fans' wallets will probably thank Hasbro for the three month cushion.

Part of me wishes these toys were produced in the style of the IM films, like the Titanium Man toy from 2008, but there's always a chance Hasbro will dole such items out down the line.
[Via Bigbadtoystore]