An awful lot of art comes across our collective desk here at ComicsAlliance, but occasionally we see something so different, creative and awesome that we can't wait to share it. Case in point, the incredible Jane Labowich, who draws truly incredible portraits of pop culture icons on her preferred medium, the pocket Etch-A-Sketch.

As pointed out by Kotaku, she's taken on a few of our favorite things, including Pokémon, Scott Pilgrim, V For Vendetta and more! Check out a few of our favorites after the cut!


Scott Pilgrim's Envy Adams:

Super Mario Brothers 3's Mario:

The Powerpuff Girls:


Sailor Moon:

ComicsAlliance "Favorite," Twilight:

A very vectory V, via V For Vendetta:

The greatest Pokémon of all, Snorlax:

And finally, an amazing two-part recreation of a Gameboy playing Pokémon Yellow:

Seriously, that Pidgey is toast.

As much as I like the world of pocket monsters, my favorite part of Labowitch's art is the signature she Etch-A-Sketches into every piece. That's attention to detail. For more, check out her DeviantArt page or!