Like many comic book fans, I am deeply suspicious of books that try to get ideas across to the reader without using pictures. I mean, honestly, I think we can all agree that having to use adjectives is a sign of an inferior medium, right? Right. I will say, though, that my opinion on prose could probably be softened a bit if I had some books about Judge Dredd going to other dimensions and fighting a gang of future-crooks who broke out of Iso-Block 666, but as I do not live in Great Britain in the '90s, that has been impossible... until now!

Today, 2000 AD announced the release of a series of nine out-of-print Judge Dredd novels on Amazon for Kindle, including one with the amazing premise of Judge Death running for mayor.



Originally published between 1993 and 1995, the novels go a little bit deeper into Dredd and his world than we usually see in the weekly progs, if only because there's a whole lot more space to do so. That does not mean that they skimp on the weridness, though, as evidenced by the official description for David Bishop's The Savage Amusement:


It's election day in Mega-City One, and Judge Death is leading the polls. He's running for mayor on the 'All Life is a Crime' ticket. But if the Psi-Judges' predictions are right, the Big Meg may soon be a crime-free zone. 

Out on the streets, the city's top lawman is doing his job. A robot-torturing maniac has taken over Weather Control - but Judge Dredd can handle it. Then he finds out a satellite housing development is heading straight to the ground, and someone has let the supervillains out of iso-block 666. Meanwhile, a clone-killing virus is spreading through the ranks of the Judges ... 

Even for Mega-City One, it's shaping up to be a bad day.


The books are currently available for Kindle for $5.99 each. Here's the full list of titles:

  • Dread Dominion by Stephen Marley
  • The Savage Amusement by David Bishop
  • Death Masques by Dave Stone
  • Dreddlocked by Stephen Marley
  • Cursed Earth Asylum by David Bishop
  • The Medusa Seed by Dave Stone
  • The Hundredfold Problem by John Grant
  • Silencer by David Bishop
  • Wetworks by Dave Stone