Art: Robot 6 compiles Lady Gaga illustrations after the recent release of her "Telephone" duet with Beyonce.

Interviews: Kurt Busiek gets interviewed by a Girl Scout.

Tributes: Frank Miller offers a touching tribute to "Sin City" actress Brittany Murphy, who passed away late year.

Conventions: Over at Techland, Douglas Wolk catalogs the Lantern fans of Emerald City Comic-Con and asks them why they chose their particular color of the emotional spectrum.

Pictured: Indigo Lantern Roman Stadtler of The Comics Place ("I'm a two-time cancer survivor--I learned a lot about compassion from other people").

Legal: Tom Spurgeon offers a summary of the recent legal action by the heirs of artist Jack Kirby against Marvel.

Manga: The Tokyo city council is planning to pass a law to forbid the sale of lolicon manga in the city, as well as restricting the sale of "harmful materials" to minors.

Vintage: Remember the days before internet hype? When you could call the DC editors toll-free? (Via Postmodernbarney)

City Life: Peter Gutierrez explains to the New York Times why superheroes are drawn to cities.

Sigh: A pastor decides that "Avatar is the most demonic, satanic film I've ever seen." (Via Topless Robot)